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201919. 8.09:58
Vielen Dank an Micha Hiebel und alle von Voices from the Streets für den gelungenen Abend. Hat uns mega Spaß gemacht 🤘
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201927. 6.08:17
Hallo Freunde
Nachdem wir letztes Jahr leider unsere Teilnahme am Voices from the Streets absagen mussten, freuen wir uns umso mehr, das dieses Jahr nachholen zu können. Wir hoffen viele alte Bekannte zu treffen und das ein oder andere Bierchen mit euch zu trinken. Bis dahin 🤘🤘
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20197. 6.13:49
Hello dear friends. First of all sry that we‘ve posted so little lately because of different reasons. But we will have news soon. As some of you might know Face Down Hero turns 15 this year. So of course we want to celebrate this. We are planning several little actions and will inform you on this channel about each of them when it’s time - stay tuned. So in the meantime to show you again what 15 years mean you should watch again our band story from the early years again. Have fun and thx for your patience 🤘

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201831. 12.10:15
We wanna wish all of you a great party to welcome 2019 and a good start into the new year. For different, mostly health reasons we couldn’t be so active in 2018 like we wanted to. We will change that in 2019 when Face Down Hero turns 15 years. We have some plans for the anniversary and hopefully everything works out as planned. For now - thank you for your support and happy new year 🤘
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20183. 7.07:13
Foto by MetalWerner
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20183. 7.06:54
Great Shots from last weekends gig at Purgatory Marburg.
Thx to MetalWerner
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201827. 6.09:05
Diesen Freitag spielen wir wieder mal zum Tanz auf. Wir freuen uns auf alle die kommen \m/ :)
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201810. 5.20:05
More killer pics from our gig with the mighty Tankard. Thx to Ms Cesar Little for the great shots🤘
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20186. 5.10:33
Some great shots from last weeks gig with the mighty Tankard. Thanks to undenkbar.de for the pics - great work!
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