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201828. 3.08:59
Carsten sends his regards to our friends of ERADICATOR.
Check out their profile and most important: check out their new killer output "Into Oblivion" - If you like Thrash with style you need this record \m/
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201814. 1.16:18
First Gig in 2018 announced - we will support our dear friends of TANKARD in April in Marburg - Be there and listen to hymns for the drunk \m/
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201731. 12.13:30
Hell-ooo Friends. We wanna thank all of you for your support in 2017. We wish you a happy new year and we hopefully are back on stage in 2018 more often than this year to bring you some more "Thrash Metal - the hero style" ;)

Take care and see you soon \m/

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201723. 12.14:25
We wanna wish all of you a merry rocking x-mas 🤘

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201713. 12.19:09
Today we heard the sad news that Warrel Dane passed away. Kali and me were lucky to met him once in 98 or 99 and he was just a really funny and kind „metal to the bone“ guy. Nevermore was always an big inspiration for our own music. R.I.P. Warrel Dane you will be sadly missed and never forgotten!
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20177. 12.15:37
Hell Yeah - The one and only Schmier Fink from the mighty Destruction seems to have a really good taste in music as he puts FEAR on his top 5 of the year albums list, besides some other killer outputs. - Thank you very much man and Thrash ´til death \m/\m/
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201722. 10.14:31
Maximum Metal rates „FEAR“ with 4.5 out of 5 points „A BRILLIANT BLEND OF PROGRESSIVE METAL AND OLD SCHOOL THRASH“

Thank you very much 🤘🤘
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20174. 10.05:56
Another great review of FEAR for our German readers. Tough Magazine rates the album with 4 out of 5 Points - Thank you so much \m/

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20171. 10.10:47
Moshpitnation-mi rates FEAR with 3,9 out of 5 points. Thank you very much 🤘
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201726. 8.09:21
Hell-ooo friends. On this day 6 years ago our fourth album Division and Hierarchies was realeased. Damn time is running fast. Here is the videoclip that we shot in two days with the help from lot of our friends. Have fun.

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